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About E-Roll

Started by the healthcare professionals for the healthcare professionals, E-ROLL, Inc is a complete online healthcare solutions provider with key focus on reducing healthcare costs to the doctors, and empowering them with the latest technologies to automate HR management, reduce overheads and stay compliant with ever increasing labor and other laws.

E-ROLL is an initiative started by a group of healthcare professionals to address and provide a solid solution to all the difficulties and challenges facing by the doctors today. As HR management is one of the challenges, E-ROLL has developed a tailor-made solution for the doctors.

With a combined experience of over hundred years in the field of healthcare, and a clearer understanding of the various requirements of the doctors beginning from the marketing, advertising to securing their practices from regulatory liabilities, E-ROLL has developed an online HR management solution that will change the course of healthcare altogether in the coming years.

The rapid transformation of healthcare and the ever increasing involvement of the technology in the field have opened the doors for a company like E-ROLL to distribute the technological resources equally and affordably among the healthcare professional communities.

E-ROLL aims to help doctors to keep their focus on the patients. It is designed to take care of the complex HR management that generally distracts the doctors’ focus from the patient care.

We are here to bring a change, a change in the system that benefits everyone from the healthcare professional to a common patient.

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