Do you know doctors in America lose thousands as of dollars every year in employee salaries just because of the outdated and inaccurate payroll approach? And the same inaccurate approach is the reason why doctors are fined heavily by the labor department.

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Attendance / Payroll With E-Roll

E-ROLL is an efficient online time-tracker, that takers the in and out times of your employees accurately.

E-ROLL then calculates the worked hours of the employee down to minutes, thus not rounding the worked time to the nearest half hour.

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Punch in and Punch outs:

E-ROLL provides a dedicated employee account to each and every employee of yours, so that they can login to their accounts regularly to check their attendance reports, previous payrolls, and even their time off.


E-ROLL automatically generates payroll report for every employee at the end of each pay period. E-ROLL counts all the worked hours, over time, double time, time off and even the other pay while generating the payroll.

Time off Management:

E-ROLL is a great way to manage your employees’ time off. As E-ROLL automates the time off management, you add all the sick hours, vacation hours, holiday hours, extra hours and even wellness hours to an employee that reflect in the generated payrolls. With E-ROLL, you will never miss the track of your employees’ time off!


Employee Management:

We create a flexible layout for your web application -- vertical box(vbox) and horizontal box(hbox). you can use them to build any layout as you want!

Employee Metrics:

E-ROLL rates an employee based on their punctuality through its ‘Metric’ feature. E-ROLL gently warns the tardy employees and enforces discipline your office, without you getting into the sensitive.

Reports, Anytime:

E-ROLL generates attendance reports on demand. All you need to spend is a second or two to generate the last 2 year attendance report of your employee! All the reports are printable, and provided in multiple formats such as PDF, MS WORD, MS EXCEL etc.

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