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This ten year old practice had six (6) employees, five (5) full-time and one(1) part-time. Labor Department investigated this practice when an anonymous employee (labor department does not have to reveal the complainant’s name) and passed the following ruling after the interviews and hearing:

“Pay ALL employees, one hour extra for every day worked. That amounted to $13,500, as the complainant said the employer was not giving ten minute breaks for every two hours worked.”

Though the doctor was giving breaks to the employees, there was nothing in writing to prove it.
(With E-Roll on his side, this doctor could have easily avoided this as it requires the employee to agree to the statement that he/she was given breaks as mandated by the law for each pay period)

DDS San Jose,CA

This 16 year old medical practice had five (5) full-time employees. Labor department investigated this practice when an employee anonymously complained she was not getting paid overtime properly. The following ruling was passed after the investigation

“ Pay the employees overtime to the extent of $8,200 as the overtime and double time calculation was not compliant with California Labor Law. ”

With E-Roll, this doctor would not have gotten into this situation as it automatically calculates the overtime and double time accurately.
In both the above cases, the employee-employer relations soured as many employees eventually left and the practice declined significantly thereafter. With E-Roll on their side, all these practices could have thrived! And E-Roll will foot the bill of up to $25,000 if there were to be punitive damages.
And, even if there were to be penalties, E-Roll would have footed the bill up to $25,000!!

MD Los Angeles, CA:
This thirty year old practice had eight (8) full-time employees. Doctor was rounding the hours to the nearest half hour each day and in the process overpaying each employee nearly two hours per pay period. With an average wage of $15 per hour, this translates to more than $12,000 per year. E-Roll could have put this money in the doctor’s pocket. If the doctor wanted to be generous, he or she could have rewarded it as a bonus that could have been valued by the employees!!

DDS Sacramento, CA
This twenty two year old practice had six (6) full-time employees. The doctor had to stop seeing patients for a week so she could work on providing the payroll records including time cards and payroll reports of employees, when the Labor department asked for them in response to an anonymous complaint received. Finally, nothing wrong was found but loss of production was in excess of $15,000!
With E-Roll, she could have accomplished the same in seconds with a few clicks of a mouse and avoided this huge loss of production!!

MD Fresno, CA

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