E-ROLL is an easy, simple and compact web based application that offers HR management services to the business owners. Let’s have a quick look at the top features of E-ROLL.

Complete HR Solution

E-ROLL offers everything you need to manage your healthcare practice’s HR management efficiently, from generating payroll reports to creating office schedules.

Ease of use

Using E-ROLL is as simple as reading an email. One doesn’t need to know no more than basic internet skills to use E-ROLL.

Speed & Accuracy

E-ROLL generates the payroll reports of all your employees in a second! That’s how fast the E-ROLL works. Speed and accuracy are the two main product highlights of E-ROLL.

Secure & Reliable

E-ROLL never lets any employee punch in or out from the computers that are not authorized by the employer. E-ROLL uses top notch and high-end data servers to protect the data.

Fits Every Business

Whether you run a big hospital in California, or a small practice in New York, E-ROLL perfectly fits into your needs. E-ROLL maintains a wage profile for every state in the United States, so that you get the time and payroll reports in compliance with your state’s labor laws.


E-ROLL is perfectly suitable for a small healthcare practice as well as big hospital. The basic plan cost lessthan $99/month with the first month being free


For Doctors

  • Find the in/out times of your employees anytime
  • Find the working hours of your employees
  • Add vacation, sick and holiday hours
  • Automate employee scheduling
  • Get custom attendance and payroll reports
  • Generate and search payroll reports
  • Generate reports for single employee or all employees
  • Generate reports for a pay period, month, or an even an year
  • Download reports in multiple formats (PDF, MS Excel, MS Office, Notepad)
  • Printable friendly reports ready for instant printing anytime
  • Create, edit, and disable your employee account anytime
  • Create as many employee accounts as you want
  • Communicate with your employees through online notice board
  • Monitor employee punctuality
  • Maintains records of employee errors to protect you in the event of dismissals

For Employees

  • Login and punch the attendance with a few clicks
  • Keep track of in/out times
  • Keep track of working hours
  • Keep track of sick, vacation, double time and holiday hours
  • Check and print previous payroll reports
  • Download reports in multiple printer friendly formats
  • View office communication
  • Check the schedules
  • Send requests to the employer

For Operating Rooms

  • Easily schedule operating rooms
  • Utilize operating rooms efficiently
  • Accept web based requests
  • Communicate with the practices online
  • Maintain an online schedule board

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