E-ROLL is an online HR Management app that helps businesses to efficiently track the attendance, generate the time reports, monitor employee punctuality, automate scheduling, benefit management, discipline enforcement etc.

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Your HR Management is Now Automated!

E-ROLL lets your employees punch their attendance every day. It records their in and out times, calculates the worked hours, and generates a payroll report at the end of every pay period. E-ROLL does all these things on its own without needing you or another employee.

E-ROLL replaces the traditional paper approach to HR management. With E-ROLL, you can manage each and every HR function, and maintain transparency and accuracy. E-ROLL is a web based application meaning you can access it online via your computer or mobile device. Unlike other complex HR management software, E-ROLL requires no special training.

E-ROLL offers two types of accounts, an administrator account for the business owners, and an employee account for the employees.

With an administrator account, a business owner can create accounts for all the employees, which they further use to login and punch the attendance, communicate with the employer, generate their time reports, view employer communications etc.

As an employer, E-ROLL gives you some handy features that helps you to track the attendance and working hours of your employees right on your desktop, mobile or any internet-enabled device.

E-ROLL will offer peace of mind even for the employees, as they need to just login to their E-ROLL account and punch the attendance, check schedules, check benefits like remaining vacation hours, sick hours, employer communications etc.

E-ROLL is an easy and affordable alternative to the traditional attendance management procedures. E-ROLL saves your time and money and also protects you from the often unjustified rulings of the Labor Department.

E-ROLL aims to help doctors to keep their focus on the patients. It is designed to take care of the complex HR management that generally distracts the doctors’ focus from the patient care.

We are here to bring a change, a change in the system that benefits everyone from the healthcare professional to a common patient.

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