Creating and managing of office schedules is one of the most time consuming and complex tasks in a healthcare practice. E-ROLL automates your office schedules, allowing you to create them in minutes, not hours!

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E-ROLL Automates Your Office Schedule

Say good bye to the complex scheduling software, as E-ROLL helps you create work schedules efficiently right on your web browser. Create or modify the office work schedules in E-ROLL’s simple and user friendly interface.

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Default Schedule:

E-ROLL lets you create a default schedule so you don’t need to create it again and again. Using E-ROLL, you can assign shifts to your employees, and can easily track them.

Schedule Management:

If an employee has to take a day off, you can easily assigned his/her tasks to an other employee making the enabling a smooth workflow

Modify Schedules:

Modifying schedules is no longer a hectic task, as E-ROLL updates all the parallel things when you modify a schedule, preventing broken schedules.

Visible to All:

Once individual employee can view his/her schedule any time using the personal account. While the doctors have control on the centralized schedule.

Print Friendly:

E-ROLL provides a simple user interface to check schedules, and print them.

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